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Thesis Project, Spring 2016

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Processed food is any pre-packaged food that comes in a bag, can, or box. The idea of processed food evolved between the 1910’s and 1950’s, when companies began to find out about preservatives and used them to make their products be more long lasting, cheaper, and more convenient to their consumers. But in order to increase the shelf life to last several years, these companies have to fill their food with amounts of preservatives and other chemicals that can be harmful to our bodies.

The Cleaner Eater is a quarterly publication about healthy food, with a focus on ingredients. Each issue looks at five processed food products which are marketed as “healthy” and suggests recipes to recreate them in a truly healthier way. Readers will learn how easy it is to have a clean, simple diet, and that it is not as expensive, time-consuming, or as difficult as they may think. Also, it points out that even if something is marketed as healthy, it may still contain preservatives and chemicals which can harm our bodies. Along with the recipes, the book provides background information on preservatives, chemicals and related long-term health issues.


Parsons School for Design

Fall 2014


Costume magazine combines film and fashion into one publication. It includes daily, monthly, and annual versions, each having their own kind of content.

The daily publication, which is available as an app, includes the most recent news about upcoming movies, current premieres and red carpets, as well as some articles which may also be found in the most recent monthly issue. The app is customizable, allowing the user to have the most personal experience possible. When creating a profile, a quick quiz is required for the personalization to begin. As the app is used, the user can favorite specific artists and even save movies and fashion looks that they have enjoyed so the app becomes even more familiar with their taste.

The monthly publication includes articles, movie reviews, red carpet looks from premieres, movie-themed fashion editorials, and features on designers and actors working on current movies. It is meant to compete with the high fashion magazines we have today, but with a bigger target towards readers with a special interest in film. 

The annual publication is a compilation of all the red carpet looks at the current year's academy awardsand has special feature articles about the winners of the main acting awards.

**all content used was taken from existing sources and are credited at the end of each edition.