Parsons School for Design

Fall 2015



Sal is a high-end classic brazilian restaraunt located in the West Village, in New York City. We want to bring our customers an authentic Brazilian cuisine experience through both our food and our space. We serve the typical food that locals would have at home, therefore creating a warm, inviting environment. Our vibrant colors bring in the tropical feeling of Brazil and our artwork is all made by local artists as well, to give you a truly authentic dining experience.

Elements Created:

Identity, Menus, Plates/Table Setting (above)

Website (below)

Restaurant art/decor (not pictured) 




Parsons School for Design

Spring 2015

Liv is a mobile app for the user who either leads or aspires to lead a healthy lifestyle. In it, the user can keep all of their workout reservations in one place, bookmark favorite restaurants and juice bars as well as their favorite orders, and get discounts and tips on other fitness related activities.

Elements Created:

Identity, App Design (above)

Digital Brand Book, Icon System (below)


Parsons School for Design

Fall 2014

40 °

Rio de Janeiro, also known s the "marvelous city" is home to some of the most beautiful views, people, and culture, as well as the seventh wonder of the modern world. Rio is the second largest city in Brazil. It brings together the chaos of a big city with the relaxed vibes of the beach. Our people are friendly, relaxed, and of course love to just sit by the ocean all day when they have the chance.

40 ° (pronounced "cuarenta graus" in Portuguese) is a full "carioca" experience which visitors can use both during their vacation and back home to remember their visit. The souvenir includes the bag, along with matching Havaianas flip flops and a canga (a kind of blanket used in Rio to lay out on the beach), and two food items which are typical to Rio and often enjoyed at the beach - 'biscoito globo', and 'matte leão'. The bag also comes with a tag (shown above) which opens up into a pamphlet and includes a dictionary of rio slang, as well as an intro to the city and the definition of a Carioca. The idea is that the bag can be customizable depending on if it will be used by a family or a single person visiting Rio. There are 3 collections to choose from and they would be given to tourists when checking in to high-end hotels.